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A great duo to add light to those dark spaces without a switch. Motion activated and long lasting with a run time of over 6.5 hours, these lights will give you approximately 770 uses on the 30 second timer and 385 on the 60 second timer. The diffused light easily illuminates your surroundings with a soft white glow that won't cause eye fatigue. With the adhesive backing you can stick these lights exactly where you want them without the use of wires or screws.



Lux Pro | Adhesive LED Puck Lights 3-PK

SKU: LP176
  • Great for interior of long gun safes!

    The Motion Activated LED Puck lights are bright yet easy on the eyes. The diffused lens offers a nice white light spread. It has one brightness level of 54 lumens and a timer with 2 modes options: 30 seconds or 60 seconds. These lights look great with a sleek white design, but the best thing about these puck lights is they are reusable! The back stays attached to the wall as you twist off the front to replace the batteries. Each light runs on 3AAA batteries that are included. They are perfect for drawers, cabinets, closets, pantries, safes, bathrooms, RV’s and so much more.

  • Lumens on High Mode:
    Runtime on High Mode:
    Battery Count/Size:
    3 AAA
    Batteries Included:
    3 in
    3 in
    1.25 in
    Item #:

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