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Hardened-Steel, Free-Spinning Keyway
The keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock.    

Hardened-Steel Lock Housing
Provides tough resistance to physical attack such as drills, chisels and cutting tools. ABLOY® product is also bump-proof. 

Rotating Disc Cylinder
Mechanical operation enables lock to resist extreme environmental conditions    .


False Gates
Provide an additional safeguard, making picking virtually impossible.    


Heavy Duty Keys
Constructed of strong Nickel Silver to provide smooth, reliable operation with lasting durability.


Spring-Free Construction
No critical springs to break, corrode or jam if foreign material is inserted; great for outdoor use.


ISO-9001 Quality Registered Manufacturer
All ABLOY® products meet strict quality control standards prior to shipment to the customer.



Abloy® Sentry High Security Key Lock w/ 2 Keys

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